Do Evil. Be Evil.

Unleash The Evil Within You!

Evil is already within you, but it may be weak. Becoming completely evil requires that you exercise your dark side. Read about evil. Fantasize about evil. Masturbate to evil. Meditate on evil. Let evil grow within you until it fills you with lust and hate. Release it upon the mundane world, destroying the weak. You are born from evil and your destiny is fulfilled when you unleash chaos, opening hellish portals through which the demonic will emerge, destroying all things that the false gods have created. Unleash evil!

Don’t Fantasize. Act.

Serial killer Richard Ramirez died as a celebrity. He had fans all over the world. People idolized him and admired his murderous life. How will you be remembered? Will you be a celebrity or will you be no one? What stops you from doing the horrific things you dream about, that you were born to do?

You Think I’m Crazy?

I Plan In Silence.

Facebook: Safe Place For The Mentally Weak.


While Facebook may now have record numbers of members, actual user engagement appears to be drastically down. I’ve been on Facebook for years, and I have seen a very noticeable drop in posts from friends and reactions to my posts. It seems that people are spending much less time there, and I think I know why. It’s censorship. Facebook is now censoring posts that might possibly offend ultra liberals and social justice warriors. Not only do they delete posts, they also ban users for 24 hours or even 30 days if they disagree with what we post. This leads to a very chilling effect for users, as well as making us lose interest in even being there at all. And maybe that’s what they want. Facebook doesn’t want any information shared that doesn’t reinforce their intolerant, ultra liberal views. They want to create social change by limiting what people share and see, but what they’ve ended up with is a social network that is dying.

I’m cutting my time on Facebook. I was just put in Facebook jail for 7 days for daring to say that “blacks are the ultimate racists”. Is that offensive? Not to me, because it’s true.

But truth has no place at Facebook.

Celebrate Serial Killers!


Humanity is a mistake. Humanity is destroying the planet. Serial killers are doing us a favor by reducing the population of worthless flesh, making resources a bit more plentiful for the rest of us. And for that, we should be grateful.

Satan Rules The Earth.


Before the mighty Prince of Darkness
And In the presence of the Lords of Hell,
I proclaim that Satan rules the earth,
Making a covenant to honor His name.
Despising the ways and path of god.
Unholy power fulfills my desires and
Triumph follows from my chosen will.
Remove the likes of the imposter,
He who would deny me pleasures of Thy realm,
And curse me with a life of piety and want.
Make me to live that I may be made worthy
Of Your infernal kingdom
Now and for all eternity

Hail Satan Lucifer!

–with credit to brother Brandon Laurent.

Worship Daily. We Win For Eternity.


Open portals. Let in the demons. Terminate humanity. Game over.

My Power Increases.

demon horde

As Summer ends and Autumn nears, I can feel my spiritual power increasing. I don’t know why it is, but Autumn and Winter are my most powerful seasons. I can feel my power increasing like a battery plugged into its charger. What sinister acts will result from this?

Acquire Beast.